Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Testing


It’s time to stop chasing symptoms and start focusing on the root causes that are really holding you back from feeling fantastic!

The public is crying out for drug-free, natural solutions to help them with the cause of their health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.

FDN® identifies healing opportunities and resolves most common health complaints at the causal level.

The goal of FDN is to restore health and enhance performance, particularly within the pillars of health: hormone, immune, digestive, detoxification, elimination and mucosal barrier systems.

FDN protocols are potent, proven, professional and individualized to identify healing opportunities and build health.


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What if I’m Already Under Medical Care?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a stand-alone, health-building, self-care program which may also be used by people who are under medical care as a holistic grounding program.

The holistic approach we use in FDN is complementary to and easily integrated with most medical approaches in use today.

 Whether FDN is used preventatively or to complement medical, it is certainly in the best interest of the clients who elect to use FDN services.

Diagnosing and treating disease is often critical, but there is much more to achieving health and happiness. 


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DUTCH Complete Hormone Testing

Description: DUTCH stands for Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones. This is the most advanced and most accurate hormone test available. It offers an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites as well as Melatonin to help identify symptoms of hormonal imbalances (Are you metabolizing your Estrogens and Androgens down a healthy path or down a dangerous one?). The DUTCH OATs portion identifies markers for Oxidative stress, B12, B6, Glutathione, Dopamine, Nor/ Epinephrine and Serotonin  This DUTCH is easily done in the comfort of your home and mailed to the lab. With 35 different hormones analyzed, daily free cortisol patterns to help identify adrenal issues and organic acid testing, the DUTCH test is an invaluable tool and I encourage all of my clients to invest in this critical information. Package includes One DUTCH Complete test kit, a 60- 90 minute interpretation and 3 month suggested  protocol.

Cost of package:  $597.00 CAD


G.I. Map-How's your microbiome?

Description: The Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus is an FDA approved DNA PCR test that is the most comprehensive and accurate test for identifying gut pathogens, like bacteria, parasites and viruses. The GI MAP  includes opportunistic organisms, normal flora, parasites, and fungi.  Fortunately, The GI MAP is completed int he comfort of your home.. Unfortunately, it s a poop test... sorry. package includes one GI  Map test, 60-90 minute interpretation and 3 Month suggested Protocol

Cost of package: $697.00 CAD


Nutrigenomic Interpretation

Description: Need help understanding your 23andMe? There's a lot of information in your genes, much more than 23andMe reports. Through epigenetics, we know that your genetics are not your destiny, that we have the ability through diet and lifestyle, to control  the function and expression of most of your genes. By looking at your raw genetic data, we can identify SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) that may affect the functioning of enzymes in your body and hence affect your health. Specifically, we identify the "weak links in the chain" of methylation, heart health, brain health, hormonal metabolism, and your ability to detoxify. Knowledge is power. Package includes a 2 hour interpretation and 3 month- lifetime suggested recommendations to optimize your specific genetics (requires that client has completed a 23andme) * note*. I advise my clients to use a "false  name" when ordering genetic testing. Many clients use their pet's name.

Cost of Package:  $497.00 genetic testing not included .


Customized Testing Package

Description:  Customize a wellness package that fits your needs. This may include other tests not mentioned above and can be from 3 months to 1 year.

Price of package: Let's put something together so we can find and work on your healing opportunities.