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So you’re curious about The Whole 30 and why everyone is raving about it?

Well, you’re in the right spot. The fact that you’re reading this means that you care about yourself - and that’s not only awesome, it's the very first step!


Why do I want to do this?

Food will either move you closer to wellness or closer to disease. As Melissa Hartwig, the founder of The Whole 30, says, “There is no Switzerland with food… The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options” (It Starts With Food, 2012).

Sadly, many of the foods we regularly eat and love, mess with our health. They affect our brains, our immune systems, our hormones and our GI systems. When food starts messing with our brains we end up with a sugar dragon that controls us, or foggy, distracted thinking that makes it almost impossible to make a healthy choice.

When food messes with our hormones, our cortisol levels get screwy, our metabolism slows down, or we develop insulin issues (we don’t want that). Any one of these problems pretty much make weight loss impossible, and probably leave you unhappy and depressed too.

When food messes with our immune system we can end up with, allergies, autoimmune diseases, or we’re constantly coming down with stuff.

When food messes with our GI system, well, that’s a big one. Our digestive system is our first line of defense of our immune system and it’s where many of our neurotransmitters, that affect our mood are made (90% of serotonin is made in the gut). It’s where all of our nutrients are absorbed and where our toxins are expelled and here’s something you may not know. The bacteria in our guts have a lot of control over things. Some “ bad” bugs can make you crave sugar and some can suck more calories out of food, so it seems like anything you eat makes you gain weight. Basically, it’s crucial to have a healthy GI system with healthy bacteria that are working for us.

Now maybe you can see why eating foods that positively affect us is so important. It can literally reverse the disease process and change your quality of life.

Eating foods that support good health gives you energy, clarity, better sleep, improved mood, a flattened belly, great looking skin and helps you lose excess fat.

Whole30 Coaching Package

5 Sessions

  • 1 initial consultation- 60 minutes
  • 4 follow up coaching consultations (30 min each)
  • Email Support 9-5pm Monday-Friday
  • Invitation to the “Smash your Whole 30” private coaching FB group


We'll work together to ensure you have an incredible Whole 30 experience through 5
coaching sessions, email support and an invitation to my private whole 30 coaching Facebook
page. Before you begin, we’ll have an initial session where we’ll talk about your goals, your concerns, and how you can prepare for an awesome Whole30. Our follow up sessions will be scheduled approximately every 10 days. Throughout your Whole 30  we'll develop custom strategies, work with you to overcome any difficulties you may be having and, most importantly, celebrate all your successes and Non Scale Victories (NSVs)! Day 30 and Day 40 sessions will be focused on your reintroduction process and we will work together to create a healthy post Whole 30 plan.


We will cover: 

  • Your 5 whys
  •  Your personal challenges
  • What to eat?
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • How to eat out
  • Meal planning and shopping
  • How to handle difficult situations
  • Recipes ideas
  • Reintroduction strategies
  • Creating Self care
  • Creation of a strategy to work towards your post whole 30 food freedom



Cost: $297.00 CAD

Ok... What am I signing up for?

The Whole 30 is a nutritional reset where we commit to following some strict rules and recommendations for 30 days. We’ll only eat foods that positively affect our brains, hormones, immune systems, and GI systems and we’ll remove those offending foods that negatively affect us. We’ll also change up some of our not so great habits we currently have with food and, at the end of the 30 days, strategically reintroduce foods to understand how these foods personally affect us.

This may seem daunting but here’s the deal: eating clean for 30 days is totally doable, especially when you can have as much support as you want. I believe awareness is always the first step when it comes to change.

With the awareness created over that 30 days, comes the ability and power to start changing your thoughts, habits, energy and health.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to embark on the Whole 30 journey; the biggest is that it will probably be life changing for you. I know it’s been for me. I promise you, there’s a lot of magic that happens in those 30 days. This may finally be the thing that redefines your whole relationship with food and gives you give you sustainable nutritional habits so you can find freedom with food for the rest of your life (insert fireworks and cheers!!).

If this all seems a bit overwhelming and you’d like extra support and guidance then consider getting some coaching support and check the "extra support" box in the form above. I’d love to help make your Whole 30 experience incredible.


For now, just take the next three steps:

  1. Buy either It “Starts with Food” or the “The Whole 30” and get reading. Promise yourself  that you’ll read it.
  2. Check out the resources below to familiarize yourself with The Whole 30 and how I can help you.
  3. Smile and give yourself a high five because, “You’ve got this"!